Thursday, March 10, 2011

1993 Select

 Score limped in with their 2nd "premium" issue. They already had the well received Pinnacle but this set seemed forced. When the selling point is "only 405 cards" you know something is wrong.
Although green is very much a part of the baseball landscape it doesn't particular work on a baseball card.

However, they did one thing that was absolutely right. Derek Jeter's Rookie Card.

This photo is not only timeless but foreshadows his once-a-game-usually-unneccessary-jump throw. No one minds a little flair when you could hit like Derek has for 15 plus years. Although he is an iconic player I never got the sense he was beloved like Mattingly, Munson or even Paul O'Neill for that matter. Perhaps, it's due to his cold, corporate personality or perhaps his lifestyle isn't that identifiable. To his credit he has never got in trouble with drugs, alcohol or steroids but then he loses out on that back page redemption storyline.  He's not a family man but then dates B-List celebrity girls. Joe DiMaggio was married to Marilyn Monroe. Catch my drift? And maybe just maybe it's because he has never been on a truly bad team. Regardless, 5 years after he retires he will reside in the Hall of Fame.

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