Saturday, March 5, 2011

1992 Ultra Award Winners

During the final season at Memorial Stadium, Cal Ripken had a career year.

His batting line for the year was .323/.374/.566 with career highs of 34 Home Runs & 114 RBI winning his 2nd MVP in the process.

Although he was headed to the hall prior to the season after 1991 Cal cemented his place in Cooperstown.

About the Card

In the early 1990's insert cards were a new hobby trend. Twenty-years later the trend has long become a staple. Early on, there wasn't much innovation going on. In the case of 1992 Ultra they had produced 3 insert sets. The Award Winners set was wholly uninspired in concept and design. Duplicating the base set - all Fleer did was slap on an Award Logo.

It's still a strong card with beautiful photography but in context it's a bore.

Randomly inserted in Series 1 packs these card fell about 3 to 4 a box.

Roughly 90% of my collection I've submitted to BGS myself but you can find great deals on eBay.

I picked this slab up for $23.30 shipped from Just Collect. When you consider it costs on average $7 to slab with BGS picking up a gem mint copy of a card you want is well worth it.

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  1. I built a master set of the 1992 Ultra baseball back in the day... well it's close to a master set. I'm missing the Gwynn autographs and the Gwynn send in cards... but I have all of the insert sets and the base set. This product was awesome back in the day.