Sunday, March 6, 2011

1990 Topps, Frank Thomas' Rookie Card

One of just 4 players in history to have complied a career .300 average with 500 home runs, 1700 RBI, 1400 Runs & 1600 walks. The other 3 are Mel Ott, Ted Williams, & Babe Ruth.

About the Card

1990 Topps is in the conversation for worst design ever. Nothing about it looks good or makes sense.

The Frank Thomas card in particular is truly sad. a.) Why do they have Thomas in his college uniform?  b.) Why is he playing baseball against a faceless player?  c.) Why did they alter his left arm with fake sunlight?

Frank's most popular & valuable rookie card is his 1990 Leaf. Normally, the Topps rookie is the most valued but not only was Leaf produced less but had the superior design.

These slabs which are easy to find go around $30 a pop. At that price you're better off submitted you're own copy. 1990 Topps is junk wax.

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