Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1980 Topps, Rickey Henderson's Rookie Card

Significant for being the last set before the Topps monopoly ended.

The seminal card is the Rickey Henderson's rookie card. It's fitting that no other rookie in this set compares.

1980 Topps was the first set I collected as a kid. I shutter to think of how many Rickey's I tossed aside looking for Reggie, Ryan, Guidry, Foster, Dent or Rose cards.

About the Card
This slab pictured sold for $259.45 [1] Another BVG 9 sold for $239.21 in mid-January [2] & a PSA 9 fetched $306 back in late-November [3].

Centering is difficult for this set and you'll find that the borders are prone to chipping.  You can see here that neither centering nor chipping is an issue. It's just a very solid mint card.

Rickey Henderson's rookie has been heavily counterfeited making it even more advantageous to buy an encapsulated version by a reputable third party grader - BVG, PSA or SGC.

When this card is available in graded mint condition expect to pay at least $250 and know its worth every penny.

Finding this card in GEM-MINT condition is virtually a white whale I don't foresee the market getting flooded with gems ever. Only 10 PSAs, 5 BVGs & 3 GAI's have ever received a gem grade as of this post.

1. February 27, 2011 eBay
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