Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hank & Beer Barrel Man

1976 Topps #550 is Hank Aaron’s last base card from his playing days. Hank made it known he was retiring so Topps didn't make him a base card in 1977. Topps wanted to be topical more than a year in review but Hank should have had a tribute card in 1977.

Beer Barrel Man was the first logo used by the Milwaukee Brewers. Originally used by the defunct Brewers minor league team. This gem was brought back by Bud Selig when he purchased the Seattle Pilots and moved the team into Milwaukee. 

This slab sold for $192.60 on an eBay auction. I'm assuming the person is going to crack it out & sub it to PSA but chances are this card was already housed in a PSA 9 slab hoping to get 9.5 from BGS. 

About the card
A very simple design that incorporated one aspect of the teams color. It also featured a sketch of a player representing the position. This idea was borrowed from the 1973 set.

A great improvement to this set would have been to use another photo instead of the drawing and the team Wordmark logo.