Sunday, January 16, 2011

1977 Topps

When asked about his single favorite moment of his career. Rod Carew replied “Getting six standing ovations during the course of a ballgame in 1977 in Minnesota.
I went from .397 to .430 (actually, .396 to .403) during the course of that game against the White Sox.
I got six standing ovations. It’s unbelievable. People kept wanting me to come out.”

Carew went 4 – 5 with 5 runs scored, 6 runs batted in, a walk, 2b, & HR .

About the Card

1977 Topps continued the bold & flashy designs set forth in other 1970s Topps set to capture the urban influx of graffiti & disco.

This card was graded by Beckett in January, 2011. I'm assuming that it was once housed in a PSA capsule because the odds of this card looking that good and never being graded is low. Is it on par with finding a dinosaur bones? Not quite. But I sure wish I had this card in hand to see.

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