Sunday, January 2, 2011

1983 Donruss

If Joe Morgan hadn’t played a day in the 1980s he still had a HOF career but as with these immortals of the game – Joe Morgan was actually a highly productive player at the age of 38.

1982 was virtually a renaissance season for him - not quite his insane mid-seventies production but a more than respectable .838 OPS.

Giants’ manager Frank Robinson batted Joe Morgan second behind Chili Davis, which was a questionable decision considering Joe was a superior lead off hitter. However, for whatever reason, Joe thrived.  His 5.1 WAR ranked him 12th among players who received votes for the MVP award.

About The Card

1983 Donruss. A Wiffle Ball bat & youth size glove!? I understand baseball cards are a hobby aimed at kids but this is Major League Baseball. Donruss was still just getting the hang of what it was to be a baseball card maker. 

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