Saturday, February 12, 2011

1982 Fleer

How good was Mike Schmidt? In 1982 he lead the league in Walks, OBP & SLG & said “I guess I was in a slump this year” [1] in comparison to his two prior MVP seasons. Had he not gotten injured in April and placed on the 15-day Disabled list Schmidt could have easily lead the league in HR as well.

But Mike finished 6th in the MVP voting in 1982 because in the pennant race of September Schmidt couldn’t buy a hit.

Going into a pivotal 3 game series staring September 13th at St. Louis the Phillies were just 1 game back in the loss column.

From that series on Schmidt batted .126 (9-71) with just 5 RBI. Ugh.
Obviously, blaming it all on Schmidt is too simplistic a view but it didn’t help.

About the Card

1982 Fleer is about as boring a baseball card can be. It’s efficient with the information of player, team & position but at the same time its embarrassed to tell you what company it is.

You are looking at a true gem mint BGS slab of the card. In 2002, BGS had the sub grades on the back, which ideally is where it belongs but I’m assuming the market dictated that the subs needed to be in the front for easier resale purposes.

1. Kashatus, William C. (1999), Mike Schmidt: Philadelphia's Hall of Fame Third Baseman, McFarland & Company, pg. 83

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