Sunday, January 9, 2011

1982 Fleer

History will show that Bert Blyleven was inducted in the HOF in 2011. However, he should have been inducted in 1998. Most likely the last player to play in the 1970s to make it to the Hall.

In 2011, the "Steroid Era" wing added two new members: Jeff Bagwell & Rafael Palmeiro

Many have blamed the BBWAA for being 'morality police' but the players need to take the full blame here. 
The MLB Players Association took every measure to never have testing. Which leads you to believe the majority of them were 'juiced'. They apparently chose money over honor. 

About the Card

1982 Fleer is a very dull design. Is this a baseball card or an ID card? Noted for horrendous photography and even worse production of those horrendous photos. Leave it to the under appreciated Bert Blyleven to get a decent card from this set.

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