Sunday, February 13, 2011

1987 Comparisons

1987 was the apex of the modern day baseball card.

For the first time all 3 companies simultaneously had a brilliant design. Not only were the designs distinctive from one another but also they were a lot better than their recent output.

The only similarity is that they all used the same official team logo. But that’s nitpicking when comparing.

More importantly was the fact that you had an incredible rookie card crop.  It was no hype either these players were legit.

A little more than the two-dozen players who had a rookie card in 1987 went to have distinguished careers.

Larkin, Maddux & Bonds in particular had spectacular careers. If Larkin not had been beset with injuries for most of his career he would have been inducted this past year.

About the Cards

1987 Fleer – Never has the use of blue been so prominent on a card before. I suppose the daytime sky was the concept. Clean borders. The photos were cropped so that the player’s head came over the top giving it a semi three-dimensional appearance.

1987 Topps  - The wood was a great choice because anytime you can incorporate a part of the game into the designs – you’ve done well. Essentially, what you have is a photo laying the barrel of a bat.

1987 Donruss – Back again with a black border this time Donruss had used a rounded border and put a Louis Vuitton inspired accessory design behind it.

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