Friday, November 19, 2010

1990 Leaf...Leaves are falling all around

In 1990, after the success of Upper Deck’s inaugural set, Donruss decided to revive the Leaf name to produce an upscale set.

1990 Leaf was the first premium set produced by an existing manufacturer signaling the dramatic change the hobby would undertake after Upper Deck debuted.

In contrast to their heavy border designed Donruss sets, 1990 Leaf was just a simple white border and a silver design in the left hand corner.

The specifics of the production run weren’t made available but its generally believed that Leaf was the lowest produced set of 1990.

To this day, it’s considered a landmark set and still very popular.

About the Card

Of the cards that get submitted to Beckett Grading Services - 1990 Leaf grades out gem roughly 8% of the time. That's a good indication that this is a tough set to get a gem on.  In my handling of this set I find that edges are your primary concern. You don’t want more than one edge to be rough and most of the time all the edges are rough. 

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