Sunday, November 14, 2010

1983 Topps & Bottoms

In this side-by-side base card comparison of 1983 Topps & 1983 Fleer you can see why Topps was still considered the only card worth collecting.

Fleer’s one cool move was to use the actual team logo for the team name, which hadn’t been seen on a card since 1965 Topps. But what’s up with the color on the borders? It’s somewhere between fog & granite on the Solar Graphic Window Advertising & Design Color chart.

Although a great improvement over the 1982 Fleer set, this design still was mundane even by early 80s standards. 

The Topps design was bold and colorful. It sported two photos & had several shapes used in the design. It was spaced nicely as well.

As for the players – George Brett & Carlton Fisk both had very solid seasons. Brett led the league in Slugging & OPS. Fisk had one of his best seasons at the age of 35. He finished 3rd in the MVP voting by leading the White Sox to a western division championship.

About the Cards

These gems are hard to come by. First, you don’t see them available that often and secondly both sets are tough gems.

I collect and prefer BGS slabs because they are built to last & you can’t get better protection.

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