Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Hall of Fame. Preserving Revisionist History.

Well I guess I wasn't watching legendary players the past twenty years. When Mark McGwire revealed his usage of androstenedione he had already hit 53 home runs. For a quick refresher andro was banned by the NFL, NCAA and the IOC but was allowed by MLB. At this point all the suspicions were confirmed - Mark McGwire was a steroid user. But did anyone care? He went on to blast 17 more home runs to put America into a baseball frenzy. He wasn't breaking any rules so everyone enjoyed the spectacular displays of absolute freakish hitting. It wasn't until six years later when Jose Canseco pulled back the curtain to reveal his own self as 'The Great and Powerful Wizard of Steroids' that people decided that the ride wasn't all that fun because we've been duped! But where is the same outrage concerning the corrupt political and financial systems? With that being said the Hall of Fame has lost its sense of humor today. Isn't this the same museum that houses Phil Rizzuto? The Hall of Fame is a museum dedicated to...a game. It's not a place of judgment. Steroids warped the record books but not the wins and losses. Babe Ruth warped the record books just as much by refusing to play against the very best black ball players. So today we discovered there is a group of men who write about baseball for a living that have decided to right a wrong by trying to cover up their own error of not taking a stand against these drugs in the first place. 

Here is a link to a sports illustrated article by Tom Verducci. It's the absolute epitome of turning a blind eye to steroid use. It directly celebrates it and shows it being the cause of the greatness. Mr. Verducci never once mentions there is something odd about these circumstances. It comes complete with the classic and laughable cover up of "protein shakes".

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