Friday, June 10, 2011

1989 Topps

Unfortunately, this is Bruce Sutter’s final Topps card during his playing days.
Sutter tore his twice-repaired rotator cuff again during Spring Training in 1989 forcing an early retirement.

In terms of bookkeeping, Sutter’s contract with the Braves has to be one of the all time bust signings.

In December 1984 after a season where he saved 45 games, pitched 122.2 innings and had an outstanding ERA+ of 229  with the Cardinals, billionaire Ted Turner signed the premier closer on the market to a record six-year $10 million contract. 

Return on investment: 152.1 innings, 40 saves, a disastrous ERA+ 85 across three years. Colossal Bust. 

About The Card
Bruce Sutter is a rare hall of famer to have a true final year card. What I mean by that is when you flip over the card to read the statistics you can see his entire career.

It’s 1989. Upper Deck’s pioneering product is on the block. Score is relatively new and somewhat innovating. Topps has now officially fallen asleep at the art direction table.

The design is utterly boring pennant style team logo with the name is all capitals. What else is there to say? 

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