Friday, May 13, 2011

1981 Topps. The Real One!...Not Really

Due to two new rivals, Topps billed itself as “the REAL one!”. The branding strategy that implied that Donruss and Fleer cards were fake didn’t work as intended. The fundamental psyche of a collector is that you’re always on the look out for something new. The next five years total sales for all three companies would grow dramatically.

Bert Blyleven was traded (again) in December 1980 to another perennially also-ran Cleveland Indians.  This is the reason why he is featured as a Pirate. However, this would be corrected later that year in the return of the traded set.

In the strike shortened season, Bert has one of his banner years for a yet another terribly mediocre team. The 1981 Cleveland Indians team hit 39 home runs in 103 games. Perspective? Mike Schmidt had 31.

From April 18 – May 22, Bert threw 6 consecutive complete game wins. The first and only time he had such a streak.

About The Card

The 1981 design work really well for the Pirates because their team colors were incorporated in both the team cap and border. I can’t think of one instance where I was searching for or ever asked about a Bert Blyleven card. I’m not trying to demean his enshrinement. He deserves it but he has to be one of the least popular players of his era.

Update May 17, 2011
This slab sold for $23.23 from Perfect-Score at auction on eBay with a starting bid of $9.99. It only garnered 2 bids. Once again proving the very little hobby support Bert Blyleven receives.

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