Sunday, December 19, 2010

1986 Donruss

In 1986, Gary Carter led the league in GIDPs & Sac Flies. Who Knew?

About the Card
Ben Henry's Baseball Card Blog made the astute observation that 1986 Donruss invokes the popular TV show at the time Max Headroom.

There is no getting around the fact the Donruss was either inspired by or trying to capitalize on the success of the show by utilizing a blue stripe border.

I find this set to be the best design of the year. Not only because of its use of pop culture emblematic of its time and place but Topps & Fleer were particularly uninspired in 1986. The card quality was better too. Topps & Fleer seemed to be printed on toilet paper. 1986 Donruss doesn’t have any chipping issues as the others exhibit. 

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