Saturday, October 16, 2010

1991 Stadium Club

After the 1991 season Cal Ripken became just the 2nd player in Elias Sports Bureau ranking system to achieve a perfect score of 1.000 in its 11-year history.

About the Card

A landmark set.  The borderless design with crystal clear photography made this easily the set of the year. Prior to this you could categorize baseball cards photography as nothing more than documentary. 1991 Stadium Club was closer to artistic modernism. The influence this set had on the artistic direction throughout the 1990s can’t be overstated. Not only was Topps the first to take advantage of new printing technologies to use photos taken with better lens, they did it in brilliant fashion restoring Topps as the leader in the hobby.

Making this a well rounded card, the back featured the players’ Topps Rookie card and a pioneering take on baseball analytics. 

Topps believed so much in the photographs that the 600 card set had no subsets or inserts. 

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